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ASHRAE Illinois Chapter 2010 “Excellence in Engineering” Award

December 15, 2010 - 

Panduit earned ASHRAE’s Illinois Chapter’s Excellence in Engineering award for their incorporation of sustainable design elements in its new World Headquarters building. The award honors the most innovative technologies, design strategies, and a commitment to sustainability, and was presented to Panduit at ASHRAE’s award luncheon held at the Willis Tower in Chicago.

Panduit was recognized for incorporating sustainable design elements to achieve LEED v2.2 New Construction Gold certification in April 2011. “Panduit’s World Headquarters optimizes the physical infrastructure which allows greater agility to reduce operational costs and increase sustainability,” said Ron Partridge, Panduit Group VP of Global Sales, Solutions, and Marketing. “We continually find better ways to reduce the ecological footprint. A physical infrastructure based on the Unified Physical Infrastructure℠ (UPI) approach allows data to be shared across a full spectrum of network applications, and building systems, for improved operational awareness, efficiency, and sustainability.” 
Panduit’s World Headquarters features one of the first installations of light shelves with integrated window shades in an open office environment. Light shelves help redistribute the sun's direct light deep into the building and reduce the amount of powered light needed. This installation harvests sunlight to improve employees' health and wellness, and significantly reduces lighting costs: ninety percent of the work areas have exposure to natural light as workstation areas are all adjacent to exterior windows; offices are centrally located. 
The building also features the first installation of a water reclamation system in an office building in Illinois. This system collects rainwater from the roofs and treats it for internal non-potable uses. The system is estimated to reduce the Panduit World Headquarters' annual water usage by 30% (910,000 gallons projected savings annually). Manual air dampers in each work area allow for individual control of airflow and temperature, which both increases employee comfort and the building's energy efficiency. The building’s architectural wood trim accents used reclaimed redwood from old water towers and wine casks.