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SynapSense® Cooling Optimization

Wireless Monitoring and Cooling Control to Rapidly Achieve ROI

A Turnkey Solution.

SynapSense® Cooling Optimization is a turn-key wireless monitoring and cooling control solution for data centers that uses intelligent software, leading edge wireless nodes, and professional services to gain real-time visibility into current data center operating conditions.

Leveraging a granular deployment of leading edge wireless nodes with SynapSoft® Software that includes a robust set of monitoring and control features, data center operators can measure:

The LiveImaging™ feature of SynapSoft™ Software uses captured data to provides real-time two-dimensional imaging of the sensor-monitored environment through use of a 'thermal map' style color gradient overlaid onto the data center layout image. This information can then be displayed via maps or animated movies of temperature, pressure differentials, and humidity levels at multiple levels to identify developing hot spots or anomalies in the data center, track an issue, and play back the sequence of events leading up to the occurrence.

Active Control™
The Active Control™ feature of SynapSoft® Software enables measurement of server inlet temperature and sub-floor pressure differentials to dynamically manage CRAH temperature set points and variable fan speed, providing continuous alignment of cooling capacity with changes in IT load.

By identifying operational or energy efficiency opportunities, SynapSense® Cooling Optimization helps to improve cooling performance, increasing current capacity and reducing costs to deliver tangible ROI, as demonstrated by a proven track record of achieving tangible ROI and payback timeframes consistently less than two years.

Arm your data center with actionable information needed to be successful-in the fastest, most efficient, and cost-effective way—Look no further than SynapSense® Cooling Optimization. Learn more about this platform and how DCIM can help you optimize your data center by reviewing the materials below.