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GHS Safety Solutions

Panduit introduces new GHS Safety Solutions for compliance with new industry requirements for Hazard Communication. The United Nations has created an internationally agreed upon system called the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for the classification and labeling of chemicals. OSHA has updated its Hazard Communication standard to align with this new system.

What does this mean for employers?
New requirements for safety data sheets, chemical labeling, and employee training are all part of the new standard. Panduit GHS Safety Solutions help you navigate through the proper implementation of these new requirements by providing a comprehensive offering that includes GHS safety services, training aids, and GHS labeling products.


Panduit offers a full suite of services to provide professional assistance in establishing a Hazard Communication program compliant with the new OSHA GHS requirements. See the Safety Solution Guide for details.
  • Program Development — Panduit can write a hazard communication program individually tailored to your facility
  • GHS Training — Numerous training options are offered to assure you comply with the GHS standard, including personalized GHS training specifically designed for your facility that can be conducted onsite or remotely
  • Hazardous Exposure Testing — Panduit can conduct air quality sampling as well as bulk and wipe sampling to determine employee exposure for hazardous chemicals
  • Hazard Category Determination — Our safety professionals can review hazardous chemicals at your facility and provide hazard category determinations to ensure proper safety precautions for these chemicals
  • Label Update Services — Panduit can update chemical container labels to assure they contain all the require information


  • GHS Training Aids - The GHS Poster or Wallet card serve as great training tools and references as the standard is implemented in your facility. They detail the nine GHS pictograms and the layout and elements of the GHS Label
  • GHS Stations  - The “Right to Know” backboard and wire rack store the durable polyethylene SDS binders in a highly visible fashion, making it easy for all employees to access Safety Data Sheets


Print from the Safety Ease™ GHS Labeling Software or Easy Mark™ Labeling Software directly to die-cut labels that match the formats in the software.
  • Features 1, 2, 3, or 4 red pre-printed diamonds for one-pass printing of two-color GHS labels
  • Durable tear resistant polyester material with super-tack permanent adhesive

Safety Ease™ Printable Media for Inkjet and Laser Printers 
Print from the Safety Ease™ GHS Labeling Software to die cut adhesive sheets that match the formats in the software.
  • Specially, designed polyester media withstands moisture and provides chemical and tough abrasion resistance for outstanding durability in demanding industrial environments
  • Super-tack permanent adhesive delivers strong adhesion, eliminates curling, and maintains fixed mounting over the life of the sign
  • GHS Pre-Printed Hazard Symbols - Nine hazard pictograms available on cards are in compliance with the GHS Standard. Choose from tear resistant polyester material with super-tack adhesive for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Write-On GHS Tags and Signs - Allow for quick and easy labeling that is compliant with the GHS Standard.
  • Custom Printed GHS Labels  -  If your application demands custom printed information for your GHS labeling, Panduit offers many options for custom printed GHS labels. Fill out the custom GHS label order form with your specific information, and Panduit will create and print the specified label.  Click here for a copy of the custom order form.