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IntraVUE™ Industrial Network Visualization and Analytics Download and Instructions

12/28/15 - Panduit Corp. announces a new release of IntraVUE™ Industrial Network Visualization and Analytics. This release narrows the scope of problem detection by allowing the user to establish custom key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide managers with real-time visibility into critical plant network infrastructure, improving uptime and performance.


IntraVUE™ software addresses the challenges unique to industrial environments, providing visibility into all levels of devices and connectivity, and enabling operational field technicians to efficiently communicate with IT resources. IntraVUE™ software also helps to speed both documentation and deployment, with advanced analytics to optimize ongoing performance.

Armed with this information, IntraVUE™ software empowers controls professionals to shift from a reactive response approach—i.e.—responding only when a disruption occurs—to a pro-active approach, which can greatly improve both the uptime and performance of these critical, real-time networks.

View the main IntraVUE™ Industrial Network Visualization and Analytics web page here.

Steps for Upgrade

  1. Create a backup.
  2. Run the installer and reply "Yes" to replacing MySQL. Reply "Yes" to using software registration if you are NOT going to use your dongle or don't have one, otherwise reply "No".
  3. Restore the backup you made before the installation.

It is recommended to install the latest version of 32 bit Java as IntraVUE™ software does not support 64 but Java. The installer will install a recent version which may not be the latest.

Download Link

Download Windows Installer for IntraVUE 3.0

Instructions and download links for Appliance/Agent/Plug

Once you have installed/upgraded IntraVUE™ software, and it has run for at least one day, and you believe the configuration is correct, we strongly urge you to go to the 24x7 database analysis site, and create a detailed maintenance report. The results are sent to you in the form of a PDF document.

Example Report

Step by step process to get a report

A detailed list of new features and software updates can be found on the release notes page at

IntraVUE Registration and Renewal Process

The IntraVUE™ software is most commonly to be registered using software license-based registration. If you are using a USB-based hardware license dongle or would like to update, see the later section entitled “Changing the Product Key in a Dongle.” Registration of a software-based license will begin after IntraVUE has been installed. Upon installation, refer to the below process. If simply renewing annual support with your software, you may simply follow this same process with the exception of step 7, which can be omitted.

  1. In the IntraVUE™ system menu, select Login as Admin
  2. In the IntraVUE™ system menu, select Enter Product Registration.
  3. Copy 8 to 10 digit “Key Code” provided in second line of registration form.
  4. Access the IntraVUE™ Registration URL provided in the registration form.
  5. Within the web registration form, Enter your Email Address, Organization, Product Key (As Provided by Panduit with your purchase) and Key Code (copied from Product Registration Page).
  6. Press “Submit” to obtain Registration Code and Service Contract Code, if Applicable.
  7. Copy the “Registration Code” provided by the web registration form into the “Registration” field within the IntraVUE™ registration page. This activates IntraVUE™ to enable monitoring of Automation Networks
  8. Copy the “Service Contract Code” provided by the web registration form into the “Service Contract Code” field within the IntraVUE™ registration page. This activates the KPI system and other add-on features of IntraVUE™ provided for customers under Support. If target software is not currently under support, the “Service Contract Code” field will remain blank.
  9. Click Submit. Bottom of Registration form should read “Registration OK”, “Service Contract code OK”. If a Service Contract code was not entered “invalid Service Contract code” will appear but the base software will be fully functional.

If you encounter any problems throughout this process, please contact Technical Support by emailing or call 866-405-6654.

Changing the Product Key in a Dongle

If you are changing the dongle based product key, see these Dongle PK Upgrade instructions.

Panduit will have provided you with a new product key and in most cases a new registration code that matches the key code for your dongle. Dongle key codes never change, but the combination of Product Key and Registration Code can be updated in your dongle. An example of this is when you change from using 128 nodes to 256 nodes, a new Product Key will be required.

Installation and Upgrade Instructions for Windows Based Systems

Installing on a new machine:

  1. Run the installer.
  2. If using a dongle, have the dongle out of the computer. Say No to using software based registration. After installation is complete, insert the dongle if you are using one. You should see the Window's Found new hardware dialog, which you must click through. The dongle is called 'Software Protection Device'.
  3. If NOT using a dongle, reply "Yes" to using software registration.

Additional Notes:

  • If you have email settings saved in your database, UN-CHECK the keep email control before restoring your saved backup. After an upgrade, there will not be any settings in the clean database. Unchecking will force using the settings in the restored file.
  • Make sure the IntraVUE URL is in trusted sites, this helps pop-up dialogs appear OVER IntraVUE. Turn off the pop up blocker.
  • If you get a white/blank screen when you browse to IntraVUE, you may be using a 64 bit version of Java. Also, be sure you have the IntraVUE URL listed as an exception in the java Control Panel's security tab.
  • We recommend you set Java to NEVER update.


To access help files, visit

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To contact Technical Support, email or call 866-405-6654.