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An image of Cable Tie and Terminal Kit in Steel Box with a GTS and a CT-100A Tool

Kit for Indoor Use Pan-Ty® Cable Ties, cable tie installation tool, terminals, splices and crimp tool: (1) GTS tool(1) CT-100A crimp toolNatural Nylon 6.6 Cable Ties(100) PLT1M(100) PLT1.5I(100) PLT2STerminals (100) PV18-6LF (100) PV14-8LF (100) PV14-10LF(50) PV10-10LFSplices(50) BSV10X(100) BSV14X(100) BSV18X
Color Black
Tool Type Manual clipping
RoHS Compliancy Status RoHS directive is not applicable
Min. Order Qty. 1