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An image of Faceplate, 4 Port, Furniture, Ultimate ID, Black

Ultimate ID® Faceplate snaps into standard knockouts found on modular furniture. Holds up to four Mini-Com® Modules, Black.
Height opening Dim. In (mm) 1.34-1.40 (34.2-35.7)
Width opening Dim In (mm) 2.67-2.75 (67.82-69.85)
Compatibility All Standard
Height (In.) 1.79
Height (mm) 45.5
Module Type Ultimate ID
Width (In.) 2.92
Width (mm) 74.0
No. of Ports 4
Color Black
Style Flat
Depth In (mm) 1.10 (28.1)
Height In (mm) 1.79 (45.5)
Width In (mm) 2.92 (74.0)
Material ABS
CE Compliant No
Connection Type UTP, STP, Fiber-Optic, A/V
Depth (mm) 28.1
Label Type Integrated Labeling; accepts Icons
Labels Required 1-One Port, 1-Four Port
No. of Module Inserts 4
Thickness (In.) 1.10
Thickness (mm) 28.1
RoHS Compliancy Status Compliant
Min. Order Qty. 1