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An image of Fitting, 3-Sided Vertical Tee Trumpet Spillout, YL

The fiber routing 3-sided vertical tee trumpet spillout is used to limit the bend radius of the cable to 2 (50.8mm) when exiting from a 4x4 or 6x4 FiberRunner® Vertical Tee and 4x4 Fiber-Duct Fittings. It is yellow and made of ABS plastic.
Product Name 3-Sided Vertical Tee Trumpet Spillout
UL Listed Yes
Color Yellow
Material ABS
System Size 4x4
Fitting Type Trumpet
Application System Spillouts
Height (mm) 151.3
Length (In.) 7.93
Length (mm) 201.4
Length In (mm) 7.93 In (201.4 mm)
Part Features Spill-overs allow safe transition from horizontal to vertical runs
Width (mm) 95.2
RoHS Compliancy Status Compliant
Min. Order Qty. 1