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An image of Pre-Printed WM Book, Vinyl Cloth, .22" W x 1.38" L, A-Z, +, -, Blank legends only

Pre-printed Wire Marker Books are conveniently pocket-sized, containing wire labels printed on vinyl cloth. Markers are durable enough for up to 5 years outdoor UV Resistance, oil and abrasions. They can also be torn in half to label each end of the conductor. Legend: A-Z,+,-,Blank, 7-21 markers per legend, 10 pages per book.
Material Vinyl Cloth
Color White/Black
Legend A thru Z, +, -, Blank (write-on)
Marker Length (mm) 34.9
Marker Width (In.) 0.22
Marker Width (mm) 5.6
Max. Wire O.D. (In.) 0.38
Max. Wire O.D. (mm) 9.5
RoHS Compliancy Status Compliant
Min. Order Qty. 1