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DCIM and intelligent system hardware bring visibility to your infrastructure.

Intelligent Hardware

Without visibility into the enterprise and data center physical infrastructure systems, it is difficult for IT and facilities professionals to fully understand the operating characteristics of these systems. As a result, operating costs could be wasted on overprovisioned, inefficient data center infrastructure, power consumption, unrealized or stranded capacity, lost assets, and even the possibility of operational downtime.

With the right data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system in place, IT and facilities managers can gain a greater understanding of current power, cooling, and space requirements to optimize the physical infrastructure for greater efficiencies, increased resiliency, and lowered costs.

Panduit offers passive and SmartZone™ Hardware for both legacy and new-build data centers and enterprises to capture and process real-time data for all critical parameters, including power usage, environmental status, asset tracking, network connectivity, and security.



Scalable gateways for any environment

SmartZone™ Gateways convert power consumption and environmental data captured by SmartZone™ Power Monitoring Devices into useful information that is relayed to SmartZone™ Software to provide current and historical views of power, temperature, and humidity data readings.

The SmartZone™ Solutions portfolio includes the following gateways that are scalable for any environment:
  • Gateway EP042 - a highly cost-effective power and environmental monitoring gateway that supports Rack PDUs, Clamp Meters, or Inline Meters
  • Gateway EP064 - a cost-effective monitoring and control solution for power, environmental and physical access control that uses a single IP address to allow users to monitor and control external devices via a network attached unit
  • Gateway EPA126 – designed to provide room or multi-rack level power, environmental monitoring, and physical access control using a single IP address.
  • Gateway E24 - an environmental monitoring solution that can be used in conjunction with power monitoring to optimize new and legacy data centers

This allows IT and facilities managers to use the information to develop strategies for reducing energy expenses, using energy resources more efficiently, and improving overall operating costs.


Panduit SmartZone™ Power Monitoring Devices include instrumentation that can be integrated when building out new cabinets or applied as non-intrusive monitoring in brownfield applications. SmartZone™ Power Monitoring Devices can be attached directly over non-armored power cables at any convenient point to begin measuring power, incurring no in-field operational downtime during installation.   

The SmartZone™ Solutions portfolio includes the following power monitoring devices: 

  • Clamp Meters - A solution that can be easily placed directly over operational power cables to enable power monitoring without power downtime
  • 1 RU Inline Meters – specifically designed for devices requiring one or more direct power feeds, this free standing or inline installed device is ideal for enclosures supporting large servers, disk storage arrays, blade server and network switches
  • Zero RU Inline Meters – a quick and simple solution to bring monitoring functionality to non-intelligent power strips. This unique solution sits between the power supply and existing power strip to measure and optimize power consumption in real time

Power monitoring devices measure readings for RMS,amps, RMS Volts, total kVA, total KWHr, Power Factor and Frequency and can be gathered either locally or remotely via secure authenticated IP access.

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Enhance visibility into power consumption, temperature and humidity
SmartZone™ Power Distribution Units (PDUs) efficiently manage and distribute power to multiple devices through a single power connector to enhance scalability of network builds. They also provide local and remote monitoring of power consumption and environmental parameters including temperature, airflow, humidity and dew points.

By integrating with SmartZone™ Software, our data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software, the PDU can send power and environmental readings to be used and interpreted by the software for the enablement of:

  • Automated documentation and visualization of power utilization and environmental conditions
  • Recognition and notification of faults or power disruptions
  • Identification of available related capacity

This visibility of physical infrastructure power consumption, temperature, and humidity levels helps data center managers to make informed decisions to enhance system reliability and operational efficiencies.

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Quickly identify and resolve issues with real-time, accurate data
Panduit offers a diverse range of sensors that include those embedded as components of power distributions units (PDUs), as well as those placed externally to measure and trend environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity levels, and much more throughout all areas of an enterprise down to the data center cabinet level.

These intelligent sensors transmit real-time environmental information through gateway platforms to the software to provide notification of exceeded thresholds, quickly identify and resolve issues, and automate collection of real-time and accurate information.

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Protect your network from forced entry and environmental and utility problems
Security devices provided by Panduit offer successful mitigation of threats and protect the network against downtime and theft by controlling access to network resources.

These security devices provide integration with clients' existing security systems and technologies, such as bespoke swipe card and biometric hardware, in addition to the integration of IP camera technology with card reader systems and intelligent access control.

Our extensive range of security-based solutions offers audited local and remote access and control, the monitoring of unauthorized or unplanned cabinet entry including the use of shock and vibration sensors to detect forced entry, automated activation of auxiliary fan units in the event of a local rise in ambient temperature, visual alarms such as the integration of aisle beacons and networked Closed Caption TV (CCTV) cameras triggered by event or motion detection.

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Simplify the management of MACs and improve mean-time-to-resolve issues
SmartZone™  intelligent patch panels and  fiber trays bring real-time physical layer management to the network for improved reliability, security, and increased overall network management efficiency.

When integrated with  SmartZone™ Infrastructure Management software, our data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software, these panels and fiber trays offer unique capabilities to automate network documentation and maintenance procedures for the physical layer, map and monitor fiber channels in the network, and execute local or remote guided MACs.

These guided MACs improve patching accuracy and also reduce mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR) issues during troubleshooting instances. For remote telecom closets or even retail locations, guided MACs help to simplify management of these tasks by removing the need for highly skilled IT staff to travel to remote sites, saving IT time and costs in the process.

The SmartZone™ Solutions portfolio includes the following intelligent patch panels and fiber trays:

  • PViQ™  Patch Panels - include multi-colored LEDs located above each port to indicate the connectivity status, as well as multi-functional push buttons for diagnostic and configuration navigation
  • PViQ™  Fiber Trays – map and monitor fiber channels in real time
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Rack Energy Kits

Out-of-the-box data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution for data centers with 30 cabinets or less

Rack Energy Kits  offer a complete out-of-box solution that includes all necessary devices and software to perform energy and environmental monitoring for small legacy and new build data centers with 30 cabinets or less.

SmartZone™ Rack Energy Kits includes the following:

  • SmartZone™ Rack Energy Kit with Clamp Meters - includes two non-invasive Clamp Meter devices, which add power and environmental monitoring without the hassle or concern of powering down equipment.
  • SmartZone™ Rack Energy Kit with Zero-RU Inline Meter - includes two Zero-RU Inline Meters that can add power and environmental monitoring by cost-effectively upgrading or maximizing current data center PDUs.
  • SmartZone™ Rack Energy Kit with 1RU Inline Meter - includes a rack-mounted 1RU Inline Meter that adds power and environmental monitoring by cost-effectively upgrading or maximizing multiple PDUs per rack in a 1RU form factor with front of rack displays.
  • SmartZone™ Rack Energy Kit with Rack PDU - includes two Rack PDUs that quickly and cost-effectively build in power and environmental monitoring capabilities.

Now, smaller data centers can have a DCIM-like solution without the financial investment and needed resources required by most DCIM platforms.
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