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DCIM Software That Enables Effective Decision Making

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Data Center and IT leaders are being challenged on many fronts – from power efficiency and capacity planning, to remote management, and end-to-end service level agreements. The struggle is to deliver additional IT performance while managing both IT and facilities operational costs.

Meet these challenges head on with Panduit SmartZone™ Software, our data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software, that collects, filters, and processes real-time data to provide visibility across your entire infrastructure. The software suite addresses power and energy usage, capacity constraints, environmental issues (temperature, humidity, and carbon footprint), asset tracking, connectivity, remote management, and security to provide the tools and information needed to make intelligent decisions for both data center and enterprise operations.

By deploying SmartZone™ Hardware across the entire facility in conjunction with the fully integrated DCIM software, you are able to:

The SmartZone™ Software Suite includes the following enterprise-class DCIM software platforms:


This DCIM software harnesses information from across all enterprise and data center infrastructure areas and provides visibility into key operational metrics - power, cooling, space, connectivity, and asset tracking - which is critical to making effective business decisions.



Power and Energy Monitoring

The Panduit SmartZone™ Software delivers invaluable insight into critical management parameters, showing you how, when, and where your power is consumed. With complete visibility of power utilization within each area (zone) from the building point of entry to individual devices in the data center, you can better understand actual power consumption as well as opportunities to maximize efficiency and performance for improved power utilization effectiveness (PUE) metrics and greater return-on-investment (ROI).

SmartZone™ Software also provides granular data on current load and power utilization at device/outlet, breaker, and cabinet level to help manage the introduction of new servers and choose suitable deployment locations by providing the information on available power resources at a cabinet and room level.

Insight into critical management parameters

By understanding energy consumption, IT and facilities professionals can:


  • Set power utilization thresholds to suit requirements
  • Identify power consumption by functional groups and invoice each department for energy used
  • Identify environmental concerns that could impact performance, and areas that represent opportunity for improvement
  • Develop consumption reduction plans that optimize usage, reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and reduce operational expenses (OpEx)
  • Gain visibility of available power for greater capacity planning
  • Understand their PUE metric and work to improve PUE

All collected data can then be viewed in tabular or graphical form. Graphs can be generated for single or multiple monitored devices over a range of time periods to show highs, lows, and averages for easy reporting and analysis. This trending and analysis of individual IT payload and supporting facilities plant equipment can be used to assist with capacity planning, risk analysis, performance benchmarking, and the recovery of power and cooling capacity.

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Thermal and Environmental Monitoring

Using real-time and polled environmental data captured by power distribution unit (PDU) sensors or other monitoring instrumentation, the Panduit SmartZone™ Software delivers valuable insights into critical physical infrastructure parameters for thermal and environmental management.

The SmartZone™ Software allows IT and facilities managers to:

  • Set temperature thresholds to operate at the most efficient levels
  • Identify temperature trending or spikes to help recognize possible hotspots

The SmartZone™ Software provides thermal monitoring and environmental monitoring that measures (temperature and humidity, access, fire, smoke, shock, light, and water) conditions from individual cabinets in data centers, through to telecom racks within the greater enterprise.

All collected data can then be viewed in tabular or graphical form. Graphs can be generated for single or multiple monitored devices over a range of time periods to show highs, lows, and averages for easy reporting and analysis.

This trending and analysis of individual IT and supporting facilities plant equipment can be used to assist with risk analysis for mission-critical services.

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Asset Tracking

Panduit SmartZone™ Software, our data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution, provides real-time visibility and automated documentation of all connected assets within a physical infrastructure to facilitate effective and efficient asset tracking management across the data center and extended enterprise. This allows greater transparency and flow of information between all relevant teams within your organization.

The SmartZone™ Software provides active asset tracking and utilization through automatic detection and reporting, with supplemental asset details available through manual data entry and data import. The software can then collect and consolidate these critical IT assets attributes around location, connectivity, power, and environmental information to maximize utilization of these IT resources and support real-time views into current and future capacity allocations.

Users are notified when a device is connected or disconnected from the active network, allowing them to track the status of deployed assets, non-networked fixed assets, and equipment leases, lessening the requirement for frequent audits, and helping to ensuring compliance with internal and external regulations.

During provisioning stages, the SmartZone™ Software can be queried to search for locations that meet power, connectivity and space specifications for a new device deployment, and then identify an optimal “best-fit” location for installation that meets all requirements and ensure the greatest possible performance.

Through analytics and reporting, the SmartZone™ software enables IT staff to reclaim, repurpose, and deploy assets more effectively. The information can also be used to provide accurate, up-to-date asset details and requirements to the rest of the organization for the purposes of resource utilization, reporting, and compliance while at the same time optimizing the utilization of valuable space, power, cooling, and network capacity.


Connectivity Monitoring

By monitoring every connection point within a data center or across multiple enterprise locations, locally or remotely through web browsers, the Panduit SmartZone™ Software, our data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution, ensures that networks remain secure, uninterrupted, and error-free – vastly reducing the chance of network downtime.

Through real-time updates and automated documentation, notifications and alerts, and an intelligent discovery process, the software suite delivers up-to-the-minute accurate and actionable data that can help to uphold security levels and support service level agreements (SLAs).

Lastly, the SmartZone™ Software provides quick, clear insight into the health of the network on a single dashboard screen. With a single dashboard view, IT professionals have real-time visibility and historical trending data that frees them from time-consuming maintenance of manual spreadsheets and drawings that do not evolve with the network; are not centralized for widespread viewing/editing; take time to update; and are prone to inaccuracy.

The software suite offers a discovery process that can detect and record infrastructure ports and their associated connectivity, as well as all network links, with intelligent connections to both active and passive devices. This allows patching activities to be detected as they occur, and the status of every port involved to be recorded automatically.

Remote Site Management

For enterprise operations, the SmartZone™ Software offers added benefits by working with intelligent patch panels to turn port LEDs on and off at remote sites or telecom rooms to visually guide staff through patch cord tracing and moves, adds and changes (MACs). This removes the time and travel costs of dispatching skilled IT staff to remote locations for minimal patching changes. Also, it ensures a faster mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) in potentially urgent situations.