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Maximize your investment with SmartZone™ Services

Advisory Services

imagePanduit offers SmartZone™ Services that include assessment service, design and support services, including full-scale implementation services, Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Agreement (CAMA), and training to optimize the efficiency of your data center and accelerate solution deployment to more quickly realize the full benefits.

Services professionals works with you to design and deploy solutions that take a 360-degree look at the physical layer of your data center to ensure that the foundation—the physical infrastructure—is reliable, flexible, and able to deliver maximum performance.




Assessment Services

Energy Efficiency Evaluation 
Our data center energy efficiency practice is focused on optimizing the physical infrastructure to address top-of-mind energy challenges. Building upon baseline assessments of cooling capacity at the data center room level, the services expand to include the analysis of the power and cooling chain to determine Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) at a given time or on an ongoing basis with dynamic measurements that provide continual analysis and monitoring.
Energy Efficiency Evaluation Services provides data center managers with the capacity to analyze the power and cooling systems to resolve capacity issues and ensure readiness for future growth while understanding how efficiently power is being utilized.

We offer two Energy Efficiency Evaluation Services:

  • Energy Efficiency Evaluation, which is a one-day, visual audit of the power and cooling systems from the building entrance down to individual racks in the data center.
  • Energy Efficiency Power and Cooling Assessment, which includes activities in the Energy Efficiency Evaluation and includes monitoring of up to 12 racks over a two-week period that are identified as high-power consumers and/or thermally challenged.

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Thermal Assessment and Optimization Service 
Cooling is the largest data center operating expense. By identifying the root causes of cooling inefficiencies, data centers can gain between 10-30% savings in energy efficiency and unlock stranded capacity.

A key component of our Thermal Assessment and Optimization Service is computational fluid dynamics or CFD modeling to construct a virtual model of your facility. The CFD model allows us to assess current thermal conditions that degrade cooling efficiency and identify specific root causes of inefficient thermal management, such as hot spots, insufficient airflow, air recirculation, and improper equipment layout.

From the CFD modeling, recommendations are made to improve cooling performance and provide cost savings opportunities.

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Design Services

Physical Infrastructure Design

We create a physical infrastructure design for your data center based on a deep understanding of industry standards and best practices, your logical IT architecture, overall infrastructure, and business objectives.  These factors are the framework within which we develop the optimal physical infrastructure for your new data center or technology refresh, seamlessly merging the physical systems—power, cooling, racks, pathways, cabling, bonding, and identification—with the IT equipment they support—servers, switches, storage and monitoring. 

An optimized physical infrastructure remediates the problems that plague many data centers. This allows you to transform the way you provide service, increasing the speed, consistency, and agility of your response to today’s business needs and tomorrow’s growth.


Implementation Services

Our highly dedicated and skilled professionals bring proven implementation strategies and best practices from previous engagements that will make implementation of SmartZone™ Solutions in your data center and enterprise faster, easier, and more efficient by:

  • Determining the best implementation plan for your SmartZone™ deployment based on your objectives, current processes, and procedures.
  • Leveraging our proven methodologies and industry best practices to augment your team so they can focus on more critical data center operations.
  • Providing dedicated training to allow your team to experience the power of SmartZone™ and effectively manage and maintain your infrastructure after the deployment.
  • Augmenting your team to focus on more critical data center operations.
SmartZone™ Services are designed to help you find the fastest and most efficient path to a successful implementation of SmartZone™ Solutions.

Software Support

As a data center professional, too often your time is spent on urgent activities rather than the important ones. Panduit offers a Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Agreement (CAMA) that provides you with access to the latest SmartZone™ Software releases and support to continue to gain the maximum benefit from your investment.

CAMA provides 12 months of support and maintenance for the licensed software and extends the warranty for the corresponding hardware. With the support of our technical experts, all of your covered software and intelligent hardware will maintain optimal performance throughout the year.

CAMA benefits include

  • Telephone, e-mail, and website support
  • Software patches, updates, and upgrades
  • Extended warranty for intelligent hardware, including parts or replacement
  • Access to our customer web portal
    • Download software updates
    • Access technical reference documentation, articles, and the Panduit Knowledge Base
    • Review release notes
    • Create your own “service ticket” and track it at your convenience