infrastructure for a connected world

Streamline Your Data Center Operations

Data centers must become communication powerhouses to keep up with the demands of emerging voice, data, video, and security applications. Panduit and our partners can help you construct a Unified Physical Infrastructure to increase the visibility and manageability of your data center and streamline data center operations.

The Unified Operations Center

Almost every building system (HVAC, lighting, security and communications) uses some form of IT networking for management and control. Our innovative approach to consolidating these systems is the Unified Operations Center (UOC).

The UOC provides IP-based monitoring and control over building systems through an integrated and intelligent infrastructure. By combining segmented operations like security, network and facility operations onto a single platform, data can be shared across applications, which improves operational awareness, response and efficiency.

Data Center Management for the Future

Physical Infrastructure Manager™ (PIM™) software platform with Physical Infrastructure Manager™ (PIM™) software platform provides an end-to-end physical-to-logical view of your data center. The system combines connectivity management data and dashboards with asset tracking, allocation and utilization information. It centralizes the collection and visual representation of asset attributes, such as connectivity, space/port availability and power/environment to ensure that your physical infrastructure supports mission-critical applications and optimizes your space, power and cooling resources.