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Data Center Energy Efficiency

Measure, Improve and Maintain Data Center Efficiency

Energy costs continue to rise and overprovisioning the data center is no longer sustainable. Energy costs related to cooling, in particular, account for approximately 37% of the overall data center power consumption*. As a result, Data Center Managers are being challenged to improve overall energy efficiency, reduce operational costs and sustain a low TCO over the life cycle of the data center.

Using containment ensures separation of cool air from hot exhaust air and is a proven strategy to optimize cooling capacity utilization. Panduit offers a range of containment options including hot aisle, cold aisle, vertical exhaust ducts (VED) and an innovative system that enables existing data centers to be retrofit with hot or cold aisle containment.

Once cooling air efficiency has been optimized, integrating  a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) package will help  manage risk and change within the physical infrastructure by providing real-time data on the status of power, cooling, and environmentals. This visibility facilitates maintenance and management of energy efficiency, reduced costs, and risk mitigation over the lifecycle of the data center.

See how Panduit can help you improve your operational/energy efficiency and reduce energy costs through optimization and management of cooling capacity.

*Average Data Center Energy Usage Allocation , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2007