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Integrated Data Center Infrastructure

Optimizes Power, Space and Cooling While Reducing Complexity

Previously, there were three different approaches to implementing data center physical infrastructure: (1) use in-house resources to design and integrate all elements of the infrastructure; (2) rely on a single vendor; or (3) entrust multiple best-of-breed vendors to get it done. Today, however, there is a better way: an integrated solution of best-of-breed systems from one company.

The integrated best-of-breed approach ensures streamlined implementation through a single point of contact while preserving flexibility and agility. Such a solution also avoids the complex integration effort traditionally required for best-of-breed, speeding deployment and time to value. The Integrated infrastructure (incorporating power, cooling and physical infrastructure) is a way to increase capacity in the data center while reducing risk and complexity, deferring investment and safeguarding network reliability.

The Panduit Integrated Infrastructure approach gives clients a scalable, easily managed data center environment incorporating power, cooling and physical infrastructure into one solution that improves performance levels, reduces OpEx, deploys quickly while mitigating risks, with the simplicity of single-vendor support.

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