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The Entrance Facility is Critical for a Converged Network

The entrance facility of your enterprise serves as the bridge between the Internet and your organization — it’s the place where the connection between the local exchange carrier and the enterprise campus begins.
The service entry equipment is critical to the security, safety and reliability of your enterprise. To keep IT networks robust and secure, your entrance facility requires high performance fiber and copper  connectivity and reliable grounding systems. Panduit will work with you to deploy a solution that is safe and secure.
Everything you need to deploy a reliable entrance facility.
Panduit offers solutions to make sure your mission-critical systems are connected and secure.
Together with our partners, we can help you design and deploy your entrance facility with a focus on information transfer between workstations, telecommunications rooms, data centers and inter-building networks. These essential building environments require high bandwidth, security, strategically placed enclosures and a comprehensive identification system.
Panduit provides an end-to-end physical infrastructure solution that will take care of your current needs while preparing you for future growth or reconfiguration— enabling you to benefit from a converged network architecture.

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