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Leverage Zone Cabling Architectures to Increase Enterprise Agility

Key to a converged physical infrastructure is the use of a zone cabling architecture. As part of this approach, all system networks are converged within a common pathway from telecommunications rooms to consolidation points. The final termination occurs within the zone enclosures that are distributed throughout the building, allowing cables to be managed and patched in a single enclosure.

Under a zone architecture, cabling is easier to locate, manage and maintain because connections to each building system are routed within the same pathways and enclosures. Zone cabling makes it easier to extend current and new technologies because moves, adds and changes are handled at the zone enclosure and device endpoint. This eliminates time-consuming changes in areas such as telecommunications rooms and reduces the need to replace or abandon cabling.


Panduit provides a complete zone and wireless enclosure offering, including:


  • PanZone® Zone Cabling Systems — zone enclosures for in-ceiling, underfloor, raised floor, wireless, and building automation system applications and wall mount consolidation points are the main distribution points for an open office architecture
  • PanWay® Raceway Systems — surface raceway products provide maximum flexibility for routing, protecting and concealing high performance copper, voice, video, fiber optic and electrical wiring within the enterprise