infrastructure for a connected world

Improve Design, Installation, and Performance.

As a machine builder, you are constantly challenged to deliver high performance machines at lower costs and with shorter time-to-market requirements.  In addition, the competitive global market demands require machines to meet universal design and environmental standards while maintaining quality and productivity. With the increased complexity and sophistication of machines and equipment and the need to integrate them enterprise-wide, meeting strategic objectives requires solutions that improve designs and ensure safe and seamless installation.
Panduit offers solutions for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Contract Manufacturing market that provide innovation and excellence to help you achieve your strategic objectives. In collaboration with our partners, our solutions integrate into your network down to the machine level—and include components needed to bundle, route protect, terminate and identify wires and cables.




image Achieve reliable system performance with Smart Control Panels
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image Build a smarter unified business industrial infrastructure with Industrial Automation from your enterprise to your plant.
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