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Efficiently Wired Control Panels are Core to a Smart Manufacturing Environment.

Control panels play an important role in today’s manufacturing environment. Integral to automation and process control systems, they need to handle a number of challenges, including advancements in control systems technology and the evolution of the design and fabrication process.
With the push to lower time to market, these systems must be commissioned, designed and built in less time than ever before.

Today’s panel builders must:


Solutions that ensure peak performance and safety.

Together with our partners, Panduit can help you design and deploy control panels for machines, processes,
factory floors or fully integrated plant and office networks. With over fifty years of experience in the control panel
market, we provide an extensive system to bundle, route, protect, terminate and identify wiring and cabling in
control panels including:

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Popular Configuration Drawings demonstrate typical industrial automation designs. The below sample includes a bill of materials and best practice solution with illustrated design considerations for control panel optimization.

Control Panel Reference Design


Reference the below white papers to see how Panduit and Pentair leverage their solutions to provide the control panel optimization best practices that can benefit customers by addressing their control system needs.

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