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High Speed Data Transport Provides a Strong Infrastructure for Today and Tomorrow.

Industrial network reliability and flexibility are critical for current productivity and future growth. Requirements range from the ability to trace production lot quality, to improving factory preventive maintenance schedules, to identification of constraints that decrease production. In addition, the need for real-time information demands rapid and consistent transmission of data from enterprise networks to equipment on the factory floor.
Today’s requirements are enabled by Industrial Ethernet in the factory environment, which allows for remote monitoring and control.  A critical success factor in this process is the cabling infrastructure that supports these networks.
Panduit High Speed Data Transport solution —comprised of copper and fiber cable and connectivity— allow for communication across Ethernet or fiber channels and enable advanced network architectures.

Our High Speed Data Transport solution includes:

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Build a smarter unified business industrial infrastructure with Industrial Automation from your enterprise to your plant.
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Deploying a  Fiber Optic Physical Infrastructure to Support Converged Plantwide EtherNet/IP