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Industrial Network Convergence: New Opportunities and Challenges.

As network convergence accelerates—linking the enterprise with the industrial EtherNet/IP network —organizations expect to benefit from new efficiencies and cost savings.

Convergence also introduces challenges into the industrial network:


Panduit works with you to mitigate risks and benefit from network convergence.

We understand that network infrastructure, security and safety challenges can hinder successful network convergence. Together with our partners, Panduit provides solutions that reduce network-wide security risks, including unauthorized access and accidental breaches, so mission-critical operations are protected.

The Micro Data Center—linking the corporate and industrial network.

The Micro Data Center (MDC) is a bridge between the corporate IT network and manufacturing network. This consolidated data center includes a rack or cabinet that houses servers, switches, patch panels, horizontal and vertical cabling, accessories and DIN mounted devices that are dedicated to the manufacturing zone. The MDC also houses devices that create a safety zone that stops incoming security risks from being passed through your network.