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Control Panel Optimization Helps Meet Current Space Requirements and Future Growth.

When it comes to the manufacturing floor, space is at a premium. The drive to reduce costs by fitting panels into tight spaces while complying with safety and regulatory requirements can be a challenge.  In addition, smaller panels present noise mitigation challenges.  
In collaboration with our partners, Panduit will work with you to assess control panel requirements and help you design flexibility within your industrial network that makes the most of available space.

Our optimization solutions reduce production downtime and increase productivity by:

Achieve design flexibility and regulatory compliance.

Based on our Unified Physical Infrastructure℠ (UPI℠) approach, our control panel optimization solutions help improve network security and safety while reducing operating costs.  We offer a broad range of solutions and take into account the following for your manufacturing environment:

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Achieve reliable system performance with  Smart Control Panels.

Build a smarter unified business industrial infrastructure with  Industrial Automation from your enterprise to your plant.