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Network Security Solutions Help Protect Against Breaches.

Networks are vulnerable on multiple levels—from malware attacks to manipulation or theft of operational data to unauthorized network access. As more industrial operations become linked to corporate networks and connectivity is pushed out to devices, the number of entrance points onto the network increase. This makes it vital to assess where security vulnerabili ties may occur and develop safeguards within the infrastructure to reduce the opportunity for intrusion.
Panduit offers solutions that manage and strengthen your network security in the physical layer.  We help you prevent unauthorized access or accidental breaches by establishing a robust physical network infrastructure that offers barriers to network-wide security risks through the use of an integrated physical and logical architecture including a  Micro Data Center, industrial zone systems  and physical port security.

Panduit helps you achieve network security with:


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Secure your network components with Blockout and Lock-in Devices



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Build a smarter unified business industrial infrastructure with Industrial Automation from your enterprise to your plant.


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Learn about Panduit's Network Infrastructure Security  solutions.
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Learn how to create and implement an effective  LOTO Program to stay current with the latest industry regulations.


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View the complete Reference Architecture Design Guide.


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We provide you with the most comprehensive Industrial Automation Comprehensive Solutions