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Holistic approach to data center infrastructure management (DCIM Software)

Data Center Management

Image of a data center being managed through DCIM softwareAs the demands of the network are becoming more intricate and intertwined and failures are no longer isolated to individual systems, the need to automate the management of the physical infrastructure is critical to mitigate risk proactively before crisis situations arise in the data center.

Panduit solves this problem with a holistic approach to Data Center infrastructure Management (DCIM). The SmartZone™ Infrastructure Manager Solution is based on the  6 Zone™ Methodology and includes  servicessoftware, gateways, and  appliances.

SmartZone™ Solutions expand beyond DCIM

SmartZone™ Solutions integrate the power, environmental, security, and connectivity monitoring hardware that is deployed in the data center and across the entire facility, with the infrastructure management software to enable development of comprehensive energy and physical infrastructure efficiency programs.

This allows you to use real-time monitoring information, as well as tailored historical data collection and management reporting, to make informed decisions based on accurate data to maintain and improve energy efficiency, reduce costs and increase the resilience of the facility.

The key elements of SmartZone™ Solutions include:


SmartZone™ Services

SmartZone™ Data Center Services

Identify the root cause of energy and physical infrastructure inefficiencies by leveraging SmartZone™ Services, which include assessments to optimize performance, design services to help optimize new builds and technology refreshes as well as complete implementation, and maintenance services.

Service offerings include:

Assessment Services 

  • Energy Efficiency Evaluation to assess overall data center efficiencies, including hotspots and airflow
  • Thermal Assessment and Optimization Services, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to determine the root causes of thermal issues

Design Services 

  • Data Center Design Services to optimize new data center builds for energy efficiency and resiliency issues 

Implementation Services 

  • SmartZone™ Implementation Services to perform project management, site delivery, installation (including cabinet siting and baying), software configuration, integration, commissioning, and user training.

Support Services

  • Ongoing full support and maintenance services to provide a comprehensive annual maintenance agreement (CAMA), product and service training, and firmware revision management (hardware and software).

SmartZone™ Software

SmartZone™ Software

Integrated to provide a consolidated view of the data center,  SmartZone™ Software, our data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software, monitors multiple sites and can centralize IT and facilities information to provide a holistic view of each location.

Our software  suite provides:

  • Real-time monitoring, alerting, and visualization of the network
  • Automated documentation and management reporting
  • Environmental monitoring of the room, aisles and individual enclosures
  • Deployment of airflow management solutions to optimize air movement both in and out of the data center
  • Standard reporting on power, environmental, connectivity, capacity, costs, CO2, and alarms / security information
  • Customized reporting and analysis based on your business needs
  • Dashboard view of each location, presenting you with a clear and concise view of the key parameters being monitored
  • Asset discovery and tracking of network and deployed assets, non-networked fixed assets and equipment leases
  • Remote accessibility across multiple enterprise locations through a web-based graphic user interface (GUI)
  • Collection and consolidation of critical IT asset attributes including location, connectivity, power, and environmental information to support real-time views into current and future capacity allocation

SmartZone™ Hardware

SmartZone™ Hardware

SmartZone™ Hardware combines innovative intelligent devices with complete system management through the SmartZone™ Software, our data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform. This combination of active patch panels, gateways, power distribution units (PDUs), environmental sensors and power monitoring devices provides you with a complete infrastructure solution. Device information may be accessed on-site or remotely through a web-based interface to troubleshoot and execute infrastructure changes for greater efficiency and cost savings.

SmartZone™ Solutions hardware supports:

  • New data center construction, intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) and monitoring devices providing the remote monitoring of RMS voltage, amps, kVA, kWHrs, frequency, and power factor. These devices are available in monitored and controlled versions, including the option of per-outlet monitoring, which provides better than 1% accuracy of power usage at the outlet.
  • Legacy data centers, intelligent power monitoring solutions including 'non-intrusive' retrofit monitoring devices and link boxes (providing the remote monitoring of RMS voltage, amps, kVA, kWhrs, frequency, and power factor)
  • The latest generation of scalable Simplified Network Management Protocol- (SNMP) based monitoring and management gateways that simplify the management of hardware with one IP address, significantly reducing the number of IP addresses needed in the data center.
  • The integration of existing building management system (BMS) meters connected or at the switchboard distribution board and/or the deployment of the Panduit meters to facilitate accurate monitoring of the facilities management space.

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