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Infrastructure management: Holistic enterprise approach

Enterprise Management

By leveraging today’s network-based solutions, data processing, voice, and building services communication can be managed from almost anywhere. This makes a Unified Operations Center (UOC) approach, where multiple enterprise monitoring systems including the energy monitoring system, building management system and network systems management are brought together over a common platform. This provides an attractive alternative to a stand-alone system. This approach helps you gain visibility and control over all vital building systems and allows you to optimize and improve the operational efficiency of your enterprise over time.

Gain 24/7 visibility into the physical infrastructure.

SmartZone™ Solutions address power and energy usage, capacity constraints, environmental issues (temperature, humidity, and carbon footprint), asset tracking, connectivity, remote management, and security to provide the information needed to make intelligent decisions for both data centers and enterprise operations. SmartZone™ Software works with intelligent hardware and select third-party devices to collect, filter, and process real-time data, providing visibility across your entire physical infrastructure.

SmartZone™ Solutions give you 24/7 visibility into the physical infrastructure of your enterprise and data centers — locally, regionally, and globally – and integrates with your network management tools by providing physical to logical mapping of the underlying infrastructure.

SmartZone™ Software for enterprise offers visibility into:

  • Power consumption, temperature, and humidity measurement of active equipment
  • Remotely guided work order activities
  • Process documentation of moves, adds, and changes (MACs) for IT assets
  • Centralized monitoring of local and remote IT assets through a single platform
  • Underutilized assets and resources
  • Unauthorized patch field changes
  • Potential physical network security breaches
  • Root cause analysis of physical network or infrastructure problems
  • Capacity limits

This holistic approach provides flexibility to meet current needs and helps you prepare for future growth. SmartZone™ Solutions for enterprise deliver the information and control needed to fully understand energy needs, increase efficiency and accuracy of physical location of IT assets, make informed decisions, and manage use across one or multiple enterprise sites.




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PViQ™ Intelligent System Hardware combines with PIM™ Software Platform for a complete and comprehensive DCIM solution.