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OEM Rail Solutions:

Wire management products for regulatory compliance at lower installed costs

Building or upgrading passenger trains involves numerous considerations – from the quality and reliability of your systems – to compliance with the latest passenger safety standards. Designing effective cable management can be essential to success.
Panduit helps  manage electrical power needs with cable ties, wiring duct, abrasion protection, and wiring accessories products that align to, and are in compliance  with, industry classifications and standards all over the world:
Our experts can also help to specify, develop, and test products during the design process to protect against common hazards in simple to complex rail applications.
Continuous improvement is essential to staying competitive and growing your business. Whether you’re specifying a new design, improving an existing one or seeking to make production more efficient, Panduit can help you identify potential product or process improvements for greater efficiencies and a lower total cost. Panduit is your ticket to fast and efficient cable and wire assembly.


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