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Renewable Energy:

Meeting the demands of wind and solar equipment


Panduit understands the operating demands of wind and solar installations. And we have the proven products, global supply chain and engineering guidance you need to design and build with confidence. In fact, our electrical infrastructure solutions play a vital role in some of equipment in the world’s top energy production facilities.

Panduit designs and develops its solutions to endure harsh environments. Through extensive testing, we rigorously test our products to perform reliably in high wind and high vibration operation, under intense UV exposure, in extreme temperatures and in the presence of corrosive agents.

Count on Panduit to fulfill your unique specifications and meet your most stringent requirements—while delivering consistently reliable performance.
  • Heavy-duty cable ties are available in materials designed to withstand high temperatures, ultraviolet (UV) light, and corrosion. Nylon 12 and polypropylene cable ties are well suited for outdoor applications
  • A wide variety of mounts and other accessories provide durability and allow you to manage your wires and cables effectively
  • Panduit tools promote worker safety, increase productivity, provide consistent results, and minimize your install costs
  • When strength, vibration, weathering, and temperature extremes are a factor, the Pan-Steel® System provides a strong, reliable solution
  • A reliable labeling solution designed to withstand exposure to UV light, moisture, and temperature fluctuations is important. Raised panel labels, or over-laminate materials extend the life of printed labels in outdoor environments.
  • Panduit Direct Burial Compression Connectors can be installed four times faster than traditional products—in all weather conditions, reducing installation time and labor costs.
  • Wiring Duct solutions include halogen-free and low-smoke halogen-free for use in high temperature applications and when fire safety is a concern


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