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Quick-Build™ Harness Board System

Save up to 65% in Cost Savings!


A Revolutionary Modular Solution for Harness Manufacturers

The wire processing industry is always looking for smarter and faster options to boost productivity and save money. Quick-Build™ Harness Board System and Accessories provide a modular alternative to the conventional board and nail method. It is ideal for Low-Volume-High-Mix (LVHM) manufacturers that need to build a variety of wire and cable assemblies to meet different customer's specifications or for prototyping new harness designs - whether you're building harnesses for aerospace, white goods, transportation, or gaming.

Faster harness board set-up - Now there's a better way!

A reusable grid tile system makes it easy for harness builders to move from one configuration to another without having to retrieve bulky plywood boards for multiple harness assemblies so you can produce higher volume of cable and wire harnesses at a more competitive price. Tiles join together easily so you can build to the size you want to enhance scalability and storage efficiency.

Quicker harness board layout/changeover

The grid tiles allow you to install any of the modular Quick-Build™ Accessories which is more effective than nail, magnetic, or snap-in routing fixture methods. Accessories easily twist and lock in place until you're ready to make a change for faster routing and forming of wires and design flexibility.

  • Up to 65% Cost Savings of Layout and Board Builds
  • Improve wire harness build time by up to 18% – compared to conventional board and nail method
  • More than 50% in Storage Space Savings

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